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BUCT Students’ Unique Mother’s Day Messages Win Praise

On Mother’s Day, May 10, a series of messages expressing gratitude to mothers as well as the uniqueness of each BUCT academic department were published on the public WeChat platform maintained by the Office of Student Affairs. The messages led to a flood of positive responses from the university community and praise from students and alumni.

of Chemical Engineering: I was a speck of dust floating on the water and among the blades of grass. You are the beautiful KAl(SO4)2*12H2O, whose love envelopes me in a tight embrace and lets me settle in a happy and secure home.

College of Material Science and Engineering: Your love is a piece of corundum that does not shed a gram under hard blows; your love is an electromagnetic wave that detects me from a distance. My temperatures are inextricable from your circle of radiation.

College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering: When others ask me how I feel about a mother’s love, I give it a little thought and tell them it’s probably the feeling of Engineering Thermodynamics.

College of Economics and Management: A mother’s great love is selfless, keeps on giving, and is not motivated by any self-interest. It never considers paying the minimum cost in exchange for maximum returns from the children.

College of Science: Electronic technology accelerates the coming of the future and challenges the shelf life of love. But only a mother’s love does not have an expiration date.

College of Life Sciences and Technology: Living organisms evolve continually with time. But a mother’s love will always be the cell and the essential basic unit that form my being!

School of International Education: A mother’s love is the noblest love in the world. Our mothers’ attentive care for us is like the exactitude of the Germans; their help at every moment is like the solicitude of the French; and their tenderness is like the candor of the Americans. A mother’s love is a longing from the far shore of the Pacific and a fierce homesickness coming from a strange land. No matter which language we speak, there’s nothing we want to say more to our mother than “I love you”.

| | | Date: 2015-06-11