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My House My Show - TNT Comedy Club Performs Graduation Show

On the evening of May 29, the TNT comedy club in Beijing University of Chemical Technology performed a graduation show titled “My House My Show” in the science auditorium. Integrating their sincere friendship of the past four years into the performance, members of the TNT comedy club presented a brilliant comedy show for their schoolmates. An audience of more than 500 enjoyed three happy hours together with the actors.

The show began with the comic dialogue Single Men and Women performed by Zhang Yang and Tong Zizheng, students of Grade 2011. They presented a hilarious story about how two stubborn yet amusing young men woo girls, which had the audience in stitches. Later on, club members performed the cross-talk shows – Learn to Sing Japanese Operas, Bashanping, Guess Lantern Riddles, Walnut Sweet Cake and The Tongue of China. Thanks to their talents and witty mind, the venue was echoed with laughter all the time.

One of the highlights of the show was a sketch comedy titled “Mystery of the Treasure” which was written and directed by TNT comedy club members of Grade 2011 themselves. The skit told the story of a contest for “community treasure” ignited by mistakes. All the members played their aces before the revealing of
truth. In the end, it occurred to them that all struggles and competitions were actually nothing but the happiness of the group really mattered.

The show ended with a melodious performance of the “TNT Club Song”. Fans and performers posed for photographs, to record their wonderful campus life. Members of the club hugged each other and talked about the sadness and blessing of parting after graduation. In youth, we may say goodbye sometimes, but laughter is always present.
| | | Date: 2015-06-11