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University to Establish College of Energy

On June 12, 2015, College of Energy of Beijing University of Chemical Technology held its inauguration ceremony. The university's Party Secretary Professor Wang Fang, President Tan Tianwei, scholars and all university leaders in Beijing were in attendance. Over 100 people in total were present at the ceremony, including chiefs from every department and subsidiary, secretaries, deans, faculty and student representatives from every school/college, and the media. 

Tan Tianwei, President of Beijing University of Chemical Technology, said that the development of energy science deeply influences the future prospects of the human race. The research on energy issues is currently a popular topic in international academic circles. Energy science has natural connections with other disciplines such as chemistry, chemical industry and material sciences. Based on the profound history of relevant research, it is just the right time to establish a world-class and high-level College of Energy which integrates the research power of energy in the university.

The core research work of the
College of Energy will focus on energy conversion and energy storage, including solar power batteries, fuel cells, storage batteries, super capacitors and biological batteries/bio-diesel and develop corresponding supportive research fields including energy materials, green catalysts, theoretical calculation, simulations and the like. The college will also undertake the mission of comprehensive training at all levels and disciplines including undergraduate, graduate, doctorate, postdoctoral and overseas student education. Meanwhile, the college will also focus on cultivating highly qualified scientific and research innovative talents of academic potential by incorporating international resources, using advanced domestic and international education methods, relying on advanced research platforms, and employing methods of joint training of international/domestic mentors.

The appointment of the dean of the
College of Energy was the first attempt of applying global head hunters. Finally they chose Dai Liming who is the recipient of Overseas Outstanding Youth Fund of National Natural Science Foundation of China, National Thousand Person Plan candidate, member of Royal Society of Chemistry, American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering academician, professor of CaseWestern ReserveUniversity. Professor Sun Xiaoming, the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars recipient was chosen as Executive Vice Dean. The school will try out the dean accountability system, objective testing system and wage agreement system to create an elite team of scientific research that is highly qualified and competitive globally, having the courage to challenge, so as to make top research achievement with global impact, and bring our school renown around the globe.

After the inauguration ceremony, Professor Dai Liming brought up the academic report on the Energy Challenge and Carbon Nanotechnology. Vice Dean Sun Xiaoming presided over the academic symposium.
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