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Promoting Chinese Culture in Hungary


The Confucius Institute of Miskolc University sponsored the first Chinese cultural festival in Sajobabony, a town located in North-eastern Hungary. The festival, which was held on May 1, allowed Chinese teachers from the Confucius Institute to showcase their devotion to Chinese culture and to establish heartfelt relationships with the local townspeople. During the festival, the Chinese teachers showed the local townspeople how to tie various Chinese knots, how to use the calligraphy brush and how to put on different types of facial makeup used in Peking Opera performances. The Chinese teachers also showed off their skills on the Hulusi, a wind instrument used primarily by a number of ethnic minority groups in Yunnan. The festival was such a success with the local townspeople enthusiastically participating in all of the activities.
The mayor of Sajobabony remarked that considering the remote location of the town, the local townspeople were seldom able to have any connections with other cultures, prompting the mayor to thank the Chinese teachers for helping to raise awareness about Chinese culture in the Sajobabony.
| | | Date: 2015-05-13