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Lecturer:Abdul Domonic KNOWLES

Dr. Abdul Knowles, Ph.D., originally from the Bahamas but lives in the United States, is “Head Business Lecturer” of the “International Business Curriculum” (IBC) program in the College of Economics and Management at BUCT. He joined BUCT in August 2001, after working in the United States in hotel and financial services sectors. He has degrees in several areas, includingbusiness management, international relations and international law. He has 14 years of teaching experience and currently teaches Financial Statement Analysis and Human Resources Management in the IBC program. Other courses taught include Business Management, Marketing and Cross-Culture Communication.

Dr. Knowles has co-authored articles in Chinese and has wonseveral university awards including the “Outstanding Individual Employee of BUCT” award in 201l, “Prominent Foreign Teacher Award” in 2010 and “Outstanding Teacher Award” in 2006.  Dr. Knowles has conducted graduate research at Harvard Law School. Outside of BUCT, Dr. Knowles have sat as court judge in prominent international law competitions, including “Jessup International Moot Court Competition” and “Price Media Moot Court.”  Dr. Knowles has taught beyond China’s borders, including, in the “Democratic People’s Republic of Korea” (North Korea) where he is an adjunct professor of international trade, finance and human resources management. In his spare time, Dr. Knowles enjoys traveling, reading and spending time with his pet Pomeranian.
| | Source: International Exchanges and Cooperation Department | Date: 2015-12-01