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Inter-School Communication

BUCT attaches great importance to international academic and cultural educational exchanges and actively develops cooperative projects with foreign partners. Since 1996 it has signed cooperation agreements with more than 90 foreign universities and large multinational companies from 20 countries and regions. Many companies, such as DuPont, Dow, BASF and Bayer, provide scholarships for BUCT students.
BUCT organizes many international academic conferences. Recent examples include the International Seminar on Integrated Molecular and Materials Engineering (ISIMME), the International Conference on Process Intensification for Sustainable Chemical Industries (ICPI), the International Symposium on Mixing in Industrial Processes (ISMIP), and the International Conference on Biomass Energy Technologies (CIBT), which have all contributed to the promotion of international academic exchanges in the university. Furthermore, BUCT has actively encouraged young researchers to study abroad and conduct academic exchanges so as to promote the rapid development of new subjects.